Fraser Valley Farms: Daytrip Destinations in Your Pickup

It is harvest time and as the leaves turn their autumn colors, you can beat cabin fever with a day trip in your pickup truck. Pickups are already the ultimate way to hit the open road with friends and family, and the fall is a time of year that calls for an adventure on the country-side of life. Read More »

Langley Wineries: The Perfect SUV Adventure


What better way to enjoy the fall than to check out a few wineries around Langley? And what better way to ensure a relaxing drive than in a spacious SUV? Check out this comprehensive list of wineries and interactive map to help plan your trip! Read More »

Resale Value of Used Cars in British Columbia

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Whether finally getting the gift you’ve always wanted or changing up your ride to match the new leaf you’re turning over, winter is typically a great time to shop for a new or used vehicle. When you’re in the market for this vehicle, however, there are a lot of things to consider, most of all what value you’ll get from the car you drive in. Read More »

Mini Cooper in Langley, British Columbia

Learn more about Mini Cooper in Langley—and what you may not know. Get comprehensive data to help make the right decision. Read More »

Chevrolet Spark in Langley, British Columbia


Think the Chevy Spark is right for you? Find out all the details with our comprehensive comparison guide. Read More »

Fiat Tire Guide

Langley Fiat - Landing pages - Used Fiat 500 in Langley, BC highlight3-Towing

At Langley Fiat, we believe in giving you all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your vehicle—before you arrive at our dealership. Tires are a vital component of your car. After all, they’re the only four touch points that connect your vehicle to the road.

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