Auto Repair Innovations

Vehicle body repairs have dramatically improved over the past years thanks to technological advances. At TAG Auto Body, we regularly implement a number of these innovations into our Body Shop to ensure that we can provide the best value and seamless repairs. From the changes in sandpaper technology to the panel repair materials, we regularly review and update equipment to keep our auto body shop the best in the Langley and Surrey area.

High Quality Auto Body Paint

Not all paints are created equal. Just like your neighborhood paint store, there are different qualities of paint from many different manufacturers. We purchase only the highest quality paints through a rigorous testing process to ensure the paint meets our high standards. This is crucial as higher quality paints improve our repair turnaround time. We cannot stress the importance of quality paint enough – high quality body repairs deserve to be finished with high quality paint, no exceptions! Our paint mixing and matching system is completely computerized and our paint booth is top-of-the-line with several recent upgrades. Our TAG Auto Body prep booths also have filtered exhaust fans which keep dust and particles to a minimum throughout our shop.

Frame Repair Technology

The advancements in recent technology have completely changed the way we approach frame repairs. We now have state-of-the-art computerized frame measurement machines that use wireless technology to measure your vehicle in a timely and efficient process. We are then able to produce a detailed printout to explain and review the repair with our clients. Our new frame measurement machines and improved repair process completely removes the guesswork from frame repairs and allows us to restore many vehicles that were previously not repairable.

Plastic Parts Repair and Landfill Waste

At TAG Auto Body, our concern for our effect on the environment has led us to discover ways to prevent unnecessary landfill waste from plastic bumper covers and other plastic parts. We are now able to repair many plastic bumper covers and car parts to maintain the original parts of the vehicle, which helps minimize our landfill contributions and prevent us from having to over-order new parts.

Repair Estimate Technology

Not long ago, large volumes of books were shipped to auto body repair centres every year for information on vehicle parts and labour times. Now, all repair estimates are done via computer software. We are now able to provide a detailed breakdown of the vehicle and what the necessary repairs entail to ensure a timely and efficient turnaround time.

We have made significant investments of time, money, and effort into TAG Auto Body for one reason: We want you feel your car has returned to its pre-accident condition. Simply click our Repair Quote form to get started!